Air Source Heating in Harrogate, York, Leeds
and Across Yorkshire

Harris Energy Renewable is a renewable energy company that helps customers find sustainable power solutions in Harrogate, York, Leeds and the surrounding areas. One of our specialities is air source heating, an environmentally friendly energy source that can be used to keep your home or business warm while reducing your carbon footprint.

If you are interested in our air source heat pump technology or any of our related services, such as ground source heating and solar panel installations, visit our testimonials page. There, you can read customer reviews that help illustrate why we are a reputable renewable energy company that you can count on for excellent service.


Renewable Energy from Air Source Heat Pump Technology

Air source heating, or air-to-water source heating, is a form of renewable energy that converts outside air into water, which is then transferred as heat to be used in your home or place of work. The fluid taken from the air is passed through a heat exchanger before a heat pump raises its temperature and uses it for heating in radiators and underfloor heating. It can also be used in a hot water cylinder for showers, baths and hot water taps or even to provide air conditioning. Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Harris Energy Renewable supplies and installs air source heat pumps from various providers in Harrogate, York, Leeds and other parts of Yorkshire. Some examples include:

  • Valliant

  • Daikin

  • Bosch

We also offer breakdown diagnosis, servicing and repairs to keep your air source heating system in the best working order. Our technicians are trained to identify all potential faults and perform the necessary actions to ensure it continues functioning as expected. Call us on 01132 505375 if you would like more information on our maintenance services.


Air Source Heat Pump Installation

When you approach us for an air source heat pump installation in Harrogate, York, Leeds, or elsewhere in Yorkshire, Harris Energy Renewable will arrange a date and time that suits you best. Air source heat pumps come in the form of units that are placed outside your home or business. We will secure it in its position by bolting it to the ground, making sure the unit won’t move once it’s installed. We can pair your new air source heating system with a Mixergy smart cylinder for increased energy efficiency. 

As an experienced renewable energy company, we recommend air source heat pumps to many homeowners and businesses. They are an effective way of heating your property that uses less energy than it produces while also having drastically lower carbon emissions than other traditional heating systems. Like our ground source heating systems, this form of renewable energy requires minimal maintenance and running costs, allowing you to save on your utility bills over a long period.

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