Benefits of EV Charging Installation in Harrogate
from a Reputable Renewable Energy Company

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  • Air Source Heating and Heat Pump Installation

  • EV Charger Supply and EV Charging Installation

  • Ground Source Heating (Geothermal Energy)

  • Solar Panel Installations (Solar Power)

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As electric vehicles become more widely available, the demand for EV charging ports is growing with it. Here are some key benefits of installing a charger at your house or place of work.


Decrease Your Running Costs

The biggest appeal of having your own EV charger is how it can help you charge your car for less. Typically, fuel stations with EV charging ports will charge a premium to use them, so by having one at your Harrogate property, you ensure that you’re only paying for the cost of the electricity. You could save as much as £260 a year with one weekly charge. As a renewable energy company offering air source heating, ground source heating and solar panel installation, the savings you make from our power sources are one of the biggest reasons to invest in them.


Faster Charging

Overall, a dedicated EV charging port is quicker than charging from the mains. The difference is staggering. Maims EV chargers take between 17 and 39 hours to fill the battery. Meanwhile, a standard home charger can complete a full charge in 6-13 hours.

Convenient Use

By having a charger at your home or place of work, charging your electric vehicle becomes much easier to do. You don’t have to travel to a fuel station and queue outside; you can charge your battery while you’re working or doing tasks around the house. This is a surefire way of ensuring you regularly have a full charge on journeys, allowing you to roam more freely out on the road.

Longevity and Value

As a renewable energy company in Harrogate, we want our solar power installations, ground source heating, air source heating and other services to be sustainable and dependable for years to come. The same applies to our EV charging installations. Having a home EV charger helps you avoid using superfast chargers. These are certainly convenient when you’re on the go, but they can put a lot of current into your car’s battery, leading to a sharper decline in battery life. Not only will it improve the lifespan of your electric vehicle, having an EV charging port can increase your property value. As more consumers switch to electric vehicles, more homeowners will be looking to have a charger installed at their home, making your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

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