Reasons to Invest in Ground Source Heating in York
from a Local Renewable Energy Company

Harris Energy Renewable is a renewable energy company that operates in York and other areas around Yorkshire. We are specialists in the following services:

Contact us to ask any questions about these services or to arrange for installation. You are also welcome to go to our gallery page to see examples of our heat pump installation, EV charger supply, geothermal energy and solar power solutions.

Considering it’s one of the specialist services we offer as a renewable energy company, we would like to shed some light on ground source heating installations and how they can benefit you and your York property.


Energy Efficient Living

A major advantage of ground source heat pumps is how they can improve your energy efficiency. They are capable of providing as many as 4-5 heating units for every unit of electricity that powers the system. Along with the stable temperature of the earth around Yorkshire, you can be certain of a consistent energy supply all year round.


Low Running Costs

While the upfront cost of installation for a ground source heat pump can be relatively high, your pump will require minimal running costs and maintenance in the long run. Thanks to this and its efficient power output, you will see a decrease in your utility bills and notable savings over a prolonged period of time. This is similar to the air source heating, EV charging installations and solar panel installations we offer to our clients. The financial gains associated with renewable energy make our services highly desirable to homeowners and business owners alike.

Looking After the Environment

By using the naturally occurring renewable energy stored in the earth, ground source heat pumps help you drastically reduce your greenhouse gas emissions when compared with traditional heating and cooling systems. Using these heat pumps has minimal environmental impact and can help you do your bit to combat the climate crisis we face. They also operate quietly, reducing the noise pollution in the local area around your York property.

A Long-life Energy Source

Along with the solar panel installations, EV charging installations and air source heating options we offer as a professional renewable energy company, ground source heating is a long-term investment. Thanks to their low maintenance and running costs, a ground source heating pump typically lasts for between 20-25 years. The loop components buried in the ground are known to be especially durable, and the heat pumps themselves are designed for extensive use. You can even receive a financial incentive from the UK government as part of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, offsetting the cost of installation.

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