Ground Source Heating in Leeds, Harrogate, York
and Nearby Areas of Yorkshire

At Harris Energy Renewable, we are a renewable energy company that provides a range of solutions to help you live more sustainably. One form of clean energy we specialise in is ground source heating, one of our core services available to residents in Leeds, Harrogate, York and surrounding areas. You can also count on us for EV charging installation, solar panel installation and air source heating. 

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Ground Source Heat Pumps for Geothermal Energy

Ground source heating is a form of geothermal energy that uses fluid to absorb heat from the ground outside your property in the Leeds, Harrogate or York areas. A ground source heat pump is used to extract this heat and help you use it for radiators or underfloor heating in your property. You also use it to heat water found in a hot water cylinder that powers hot taps and showers. As an experienced renewable energy company, we often pair these with Mixergy Smart water tanks to help you maximise your energy efficiency. With the average temperature of the ground in Yorkshire being 9-10 degrees, there is a vast reserve of heat waiting to be harnessed into heat for your home or business.

With this form of geothermal heating, we dig out an area, usually in the customer's garden, and insert the chosen ground source heating system. These installations allow for the flow of water and antifreeze that goes around a loop of pipe which we bury in your garden. This will either be a long loop or a coiled pipe. We can bury it in trenches or insert it into a borehole. If you are unsure which is best for you, our renewable energy specialists will be on hand to assist you in choosing the correct method for your property. The available heat from the ground is absorbed within the pipes and converted into fluid. A heat exchanger then allows it to pass through into the heat pump. This piece of equipment is designed to raise the temperature of the fluid and transfer its heat to water, which can be used for underfloor heating and radiators in your house or place of work.


As a high-quality renewable energy company, Harris Energy Renewable supplies and fits these four types of ground source heat pumps:

  • Horizontal (Closed Loop)

  • Vertical (Closed Loop)

  • Pond/Lake (Closed Loop)

  • Open Loop

We also offer breakdown diagnosis, servicing and repairs to keep your ground source heating system in the best working order. Our team is trained in identifying faults and performing the necessary tasks that keep your system functioning as normal. Call us on 01132 505375 if you would learn more about our repairs and servicing.

When we install ground source heating at your home or place of work in Leeds, York, Harrogate or any of the surrounding areas, we will work diligently and efficiently to give you the best results. We use diggers to excavate the affected area of your property and will supply our own skip to help dispose of any waste. Once we’ve completed the installation process, we leave your property immaculate, ready to enjoy your new, sustainably powered home or business in peace.

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Call Harris Energy Renewable on 01132 505375 for ground source heating services in Leeds, Harrogate, York and surrounding areas of Yorkshire.